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Mark Zellinger

Joliet, IL

Years in Magic

remember when you signed my told me to stay i did

Mark Zellinger seems to defy all logic and laws of physics in his performances. He can take ordinary objects and make them extraordinary. His 'psychic' powers are well tuned and his seances conjure more than the dead, they conjure emotions. With a style that is ever changing, he can make you laugh with his humor and quick wit, or he can make your hairs stand on end with just his stare alone. When you are next to him you feel that there is something more than meets the eye. His charming smile his deep blue eyed stare, and his command of a situation make him a pure entertainer. You can't find a more humorous/enchanted evening, a must see. Now performing in the Chicago area for clients of all kinds, He performs everything from mentalism and hypnosis shows, to close up and street

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