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Presented by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, 826 National, and theory11. What's inside the box?More Details

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Artist Portrait

Mathieu Bich


Years in Magic
Mathieu Bich is only 33 years-old, but he has already created a number of truly scary, original concepts and routines, most of them relying on new methods and principles - or at least, a willingness to cheat like a crazy monkey. It can get frustrating sometimes, as Mathieu loves to fool you with your own tricks based on different methods. He has frightened and intimidated a lot of knowledgeable and respected magicians. Some of them won't leave the house now! Mathieu Bich is different. He has an excuse though: he's been one of Dominique Duvivier's students since 1996. Or maybe it's in his genes. In June of 2011, Mathieu Bich performed on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us" television show in the UK.

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