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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

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Artist Portrait

Ollie Rossiter


Years in Magic

Ollie Rossiter is an English close-up magician from France.!

What advice would you give to new performers just starting today?

-Learn the basics, they may be boring but essential.

-Don't get caught up in all the one trick DVDs, read books, you can get much more for your money.

-Practice, practice, practice, its the only way you can improve.

-Perform, don't just sit in front of a webcam, get out there and astonish.

Which artists have inspired you the most in your work thus far?

The artist that have inspired me the most are: R.Paul Wilson, Dan & Dave Buck, Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher, Helder Guimaraes, Dani DaOrtiz.

But I also in recent times people like: Alex Pandrea, Tony Chang, Ben Earl. Because I like their innovative thoughts on old slights.

How often do you practice - how do you keep your skills (and mind) sharp?


If I get fed up with cards, I start on coins, sponge balls, rope tricks e.t.c. Then incorporate them into my act if I can.

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