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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

Caught on the spot with nothing on to show off? Think twice! With your keys on you, you are a "Potential KEY-LLER".

Potential keyller is a set of 2 great tricks plus 2 very cool bonuses. They all use regular house keys and no gimmicks whatsoever. As you get to use your real keys, these tricks look truly organic. Not only that, they are also highly visual, straightforward (easy to follow) and the magic happens right in your spectator's hands! They are really powerfull.

- No gimmicks

- No sleeves

- No pocket handling

- No weird moves

- No kidding

What else could you ask for!!!

Trick #1: Metamorpho keys

A very visual key transposition that happens right in your spectator's hand. You begin by displaying two regular house keys that are clearly different from each other. You keep one key for yourself and have your spectator hold on to the other one. Then, on a very visual way, have both keys magically switch places. Finally, your spectator opens his hand and realizes that he has witnessed a miracle. At the end, everything is examinable and you are clean.

Trick #2: Linking keys

This is inspired on a classic of gimmicked coin magic: the hopping halves. This one, however:

- Uses keys instead of coins, which not only makes it look much more organic, but it also allows you to develope new and very logical plots.

- Is 100% gimmick free.

- Is much more interactive, as the magic actually takes place in your spectators' hands.

- Has a "KEY-LLER" finale wich also leaves you totally clean.

Bonus #1

EZ Coin 2 Key: A higly visual and very cool way to introduce a key, by changing a borrowed coin into your key.

Bonus #2

Ink-A-Colour: An amazing key colour change that looks like real magic.

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