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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

Crane Mojo is a set of three simple effects, all of which require the use of a well-known gimmick that most of us already own.

The first effect has our bird perching on the performer's hand, almost as if glued down tightly. The second will make you blink as its wings appear to move just slightly. The finale ends with the crane soaring into the air for a brief moment before tumbling back down to the ground.

This is raw and uncut - these ideas should be embellished with your own. And moreover, this magic is subtle. We're not making cars disappear or cutting people in half - we're animating something so briefly that the spectator will question whether or not anything even happened.

Shot in full HD. Over 20 minutes of instruction, including how to make a crane.

Special Thanks

Finn Jonn / Yigal Mesika


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