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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

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Artist Portrait

Richard Hucko

Kaneohe, HI

Years in Magic

Richard has yet to write a profile bio.

What is your creative process - how do you come up with new effects and ideas?

As far as specifically focusing on creating and contributing ideas, I think it stemmed from wanting something that wasn’t available. I love to break down moves and really analyze them as well as combine them to see if there’s hidden potential. It’s also a great feeling to be able to come up with a unique idea and be able to fool or fascinate people with it. It gives both a joy in a performance-sense as well as a satisfaction in a design-sense.

“NOTHING could be more fascinating to me than understanding how great card magic is created” - Richard Kaufman (Jennings ’67)

Something that’s inherently clever within its design is extremely fascinating. Not just about the design itself, but also within the thought process used to create it. Just as technology builds upon itself in the modern world, so should our magic and our available techniques.

Sometimes ideas come quickly while sessioning with other magicians or even while working alone. However, I have found that many great ideas come later when your mind is relaxed and not under pressure to come up with something. I’ve had ideas come to me while talking on the phone and casually toying with the cards, playing with cards on nights I have a hard time falling asleep, or just at random points in the day! I’m sure that has all been stated somewhere before but I find it very true. It also really helps to have a solid bunch of friends to bounce ideas off of and share thoughts and opinions. Remember that you can’t always make everyone happy, but different perspectives give you different opinions and can lead to solidifying an idea or even spawn new ideas.

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