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A great magic trick just got even better.

What’s the great trick? It’s “Out of This World.”

Paul Curry created “Out of This World” in the 1940s, and since that time, a lot of magicians have put their own spins on it. Here’s the basic idea: The spectator mixes up half the deck and then the cards are turned over to reveal the red cards and the black cards are totally separated.

Rick’s version of this trick, “Alternate Universe,” picks up where Harry Lorayne’s version (“Out of This Universe”) left off.

What’s the update?

Now, you can show the cards’ faces BEFORE you start the trick. The red cards and the black cards START OUT mixed up. (With all other “Out Of This Universe” tricks, the red cards and the black cards are pre-segregated, so you can’t show the cards’ faces beforehand.)

For $6.95, Rick will teach you everything you need to know to perform “Alternate Universe.” He’ll teach you how to do it with a prearranged deck, and how to do it with a borrowed, shuffled deck.

Also included:

-Complete performance -Detailed explanation -Jam session with magician Justin Flom -Bonus additional phase -Closing thoughts

You’re going to get your money’s worth.

If you already perform “Out of This World,” you’re going to want this as an addition.

And if you’ve never heard of the trick “Out of This World,” then Rick’s “Alternate Universe” is a great starting point.

Special thanks to Jon Armstrong, Max Maven, and Bill Goodwin. Thanks again to Bizzaro for his solid camera work, computer work, and creative consulting. And thanks to Justin Flom for the on-camera jam session.

Special Thanks

Mad props to Jellomaster/Sponge Ball King Bizzaro—he shot and edited everything you’re about to see.

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