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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

This is the trick Rick uses to fool other magicians.

It’s the classic Any Card At Any Number effect…but it’s 100% impromptu. You can do it with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Really.

The spectator selects a card. The card is returned somewhere in the middle of the deck. (No secret card controls, no breaks.) The spectator names a number. The spectator picks up the deck and counts off cards from the top. When she gets to her number and stops dealing…she’s going to find her card.

What’s the catch? This trick is hard. It doesn’t use sleight of hand, but does use verbal misdirection and audience management. Lots.

Over 17 minutes of detailed instruction. Full performance, full explanation, jam session with magician Justin Flom, and closing thoughts.

Shot and edited by Optical Illusionist Bizzaro, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’ve got ten bucks and the willingness to put in some hard work…you’re going to walk away with a damn good card trick at your fingertips.

Special Thanks

Big thanks to Bizzaro, for shooting and editing. And thanks to Justin Flom for his sexy onscreen work.

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