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I carry this one with me everywhere I go. So if you’re looking for a mindreading miracle that takes up practically no space, To-Do VooDo is for you.

Here how it goes:

“Yesterday I had one of those days—a million things to do. I actually made a list.”

You pull out a numbered list of ten chores from your wallet and freely show it around.

“Do laundry, go to the gym, email my mom—ten different chores.”

You ask the spectator to think of a number between one and ten. And then you ask her to find the number on the list and imagine herself doing the chore at that number.

“Imagine yourself really doing the chore,” you say.

And then, without any fishing and without any equivocation, you tell her the chore she’s thinking of.

She wants to see the trick again? No problem—that’s explained on the download, too. Just her think of a different number, which will lead to her a different task…which you will guess with equal ease.

Like Daniel Garcia’s iPhone list prediction, To-Do VooDoo picks up where Bill Goldman’s Mental Yarn left off. And with this seemingly impossible version, there’s no fishing. Just mindreading.

Special Thanks

Credits to Bill Goldman, Jim Pace

Other Tricks by Rick


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