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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

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4.2 Read 4 Reviews

Violin is a flourish that I have created arround 2 months ago, and have been perfecting the smallest details ever since. It is an enormously classy cut, that varies extremelly within the style of the performer's manner and style of flourishing. In any way that you perform it, it will most probably look as good as any other way. Performing it slowly and calmly can properly show the great flow that Violin consists in, yet performing it quickly and rapidly can show great skill and the product of great practice to achieve such speed. I did my absolute best on the explanation, and made it as clear as possible, just so that you could learn it within minutes, and perfect it and perform flawlessly within week's time. The protocall of the tutorial consists in: #1: Performance (trailer) #2: Overview-front view #3: Tutorial, from OTS, with text and animated circles to show you what's going on and when. #4: Final overview from OTS #5: Final overview from the front The duration of the full tutorial is arround 4 minutes, and I promise that I couldn't have spared any of your time in those 4 minutes. Every second could be (I hope) indispencible time of yours, if you have great will to learn Violin, if not, then I'm terribly sorry if I'm wasting your time. Finally, Violin can be performed flawlessly in less that one month if the performer has had experience with flourishing before hand, if not, then I go through every bit I can teaching you exactly what you need to know. In the end, I hope you enjoy performing Violin, just as much as I have :)

For any more of my performances and future tutorials of mine, you can visit my youtube channel at:

Special Thanks

Kevin Melone, Lewis Caldwell and some others as inspirations.


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