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CONTRABAND Playing Cards

Designed in the United Kingdom - with an incredible, illuminating special edition.More Details

Gradual is my take on Bill Goodwin's classic card plot, 'The Queens.' A jack is visually produced, split and multiplied into four, and just as quickly, the jacks vanish one by one, change colors, do backflips, until all are gone. With just a snap, all four jacks instantly reappear together in a flash production.

It's sleight heavy. It's knacky. It's awesome.

Gradual is named because I wanted an effect that built gradually throughout each phase. It starts slow, producing one jack, splitting it into two, a third appears between them, and a fourth slowly follows. From there, the jacks begin to vanish, gradually becoming more visual and magical with each card. With two left, a single jack changes it's color to make a pair of black jacks, and then quickly change into the two red jacks. Within seconds, the last two disappear in an insanely visual manner. Then in a second, they all pop back on top.

It builds gradually, it's flashy, flourishy and packs a LOT of magical moments in such a short amount of time. It's a tad angle sensitive, and not for the beginner, but if you like flashy, sleight-heavy magic that looks amazing and is fun to practice - this is for you.

The download is over an hour long with a full uncut performance, two archival performances from 2010, two camera angles throughout the entire tutorial, both in front and over the shoulder, slo-mo overviews of each phase, and all shot in HD.

Welcome to Gradual.

Special Thanks

Credit to Lennart Green, Daniel Garcia and Chris Orbit Brown. Thanks to Omar Renfro for filming.

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