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MailChimp Playing Cards

Presented by MailChimp, Fuzzco, and theory11. Sure to satisfy apes and humans alike.More Details

The Fanthom Change is one of my all-time favorite changes to both perform and practice.

It's a hyper-visual color change that happens behind a fan of cards - change between a Jack to a Queen as much as you want - then finish by transforming it into a Joker.

The change can happen behind a fan of cards, your hand, and the card can change back and forth behind the fan as many times as you want. Change it once for a beautiful, minimalist color change, or change it 27 times in front of the mirror for fun. We won't judge. The choice is yours ;)

How are the angles? The applications with the fan covering the card have great angles - I perform them for real people all the time. The applications with just your hand for cover - titled 'Hanthom Changes' - are much more angle sensitive, and are more for practice and fun.

Learn all 5 applications of The Fanthom Change in Full HD - with over 45 minutes of over-the-shoulder explanation.

Welcome to The Fanthom Change. Step inside :)


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