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BREAK by Uday Jadugar

Visually bend and BREAK a signed coin in half - then let the spectator keep the pieces.More Details

The Vintage Holdout is, at it's core, a concept. It's a utility device that allows you to perform three effects taught in this download.

Color Changing Riser - a card is selected and placed back in the deck. Deck in the box. Box in the hand. With a snap, the tab flaps open, and one card rises out. RUH-ROH! It isn't the selected card! What a bummer! With a wave over the card, it instantly changes into the correct, selected card. World peace is obtained.

Card & Coin Transpo - a single card is placed fairly inside the empty card box, and the box is closed. A coin is rested on top of the box, and with a Raven™-esque wave, the coin vanishes. The vanish is cleaner than Howie Mandell's hands. Another wave over the box and the card visually appears OUTSIDE the box, resting on top - where the coin just was. The card is handed off, and the box is opened to find the coin inside.

Ambitious Climax - to close out your ACR, you put all the cards back in the box, and put the box in the spectators hands. With your hands shown empty, you wave over the box, and seemingly without touching the deck, the card appears on top - OUTSIDE the box. There are multiple variations taught!

While these three effects are cool on their own - The Vintage Holdout is something of it's own league. It's a utility device that once made, you have it forever. Without giving too much away, you can carry it in your pocket at all times with no problem.

The Vintage Holdout allows you to do these effects, as well as other card appearances, ways to add on or take away cards from the deck, you can obtain the spectators card while they shuffle the deck, and much more which we can't mention without tipping the method!

We hope that once you learn the method, you will be creating your own tricks with The Vintage Holdout, applying it to tricks and routines you already do, and ultimately get creative with it!

It is called The Vintage Holdout because most of the effects and methods work specifically better with the Vintage series playing cards. This is a series of vintage decks Bicycle reprinted under the "Vintage" category. Cupid Backs, Racer Backs, Fan Backs, Tangent Backs, Thistle Backs, and Safety Backs.

BUT WAIT! While the concept was designed around the Vintage decks, you CAN do everything taught with regular Riderback Bicycles, Tally-Hos and others. The utility device is slightly different, and a bit less convenient, but it's taught, and works similarly.


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