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  1. dukes19
  2. CardMagicNJ
    CardMagicNJ Al e Cat Dabra
    Hey Al e Cat, just want to take this opportunity and thank you for always participating in my threads and having a great answer. It's much appreciated have a great week
  3. Rgordon
    Can anyone please give me some advice on building confidence to go on the street and perform some card magic. I alway get mind blanks ?
  4. HunterP2
    Hello I’m, Hunter Pace and I am an Atlanta Area Magician looking for Gigs and Bookings for adults
  5. evilbo
    55 year old long time card man
  6. evilbo
    magic rehab over coming hand tremors and memory issues after three strokes
  7. OveRide
    OveRide Pheonix
  8. vetrubio
    vetrubio Al e Cat Dabra
    thanks mate
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  9. natesmithimprov
    An improv comedian who recently got into magic.
  10. tricksandbeats
    Practise makes perfect!
  11. Justin.Morris
    "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."—Oscar Wilde
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  12. CycloneMagic
    CycloneMagic Lofaszu
    Please message me Lofaszu
  13. Aleksa Tamburkovski
    Aleksa Tamburkovski
    Student of Mechanical Engineering who loves magic
  14. Lord Magic
    Lord Magic
    Happiness is subjective and unique to an individual, not unlike the feeling of magic...just a thought O:-)
  15. MitchellO
    Is Andrei Jikh right or left handed?
  16. Lord Magic
    Lord Magic
    I am not who I play
  17. Magico96
    I have the expert card technique book and I was wondering if anyone can tell me the sleights taught in it
  18. Action123
  19. Austint
    Austint Macro Man
    I have about 6 decks of white lions series B saw your post and would love to hear the marking system for 52 cards
  20. Justinalva4
    ISO for White gold and silver monarchs, green rarebits, white centurions, red / green gatorbacks, splitspades blue V1, smoke and mirrors V1
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