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    NBA Prediction

    I go by stats and say Lakers and Cavs are finals. Unless other teams pull some magic out and change my prediction.
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    Jerry's Nugget for $80

    Sounds a little fishy to me but heck its up to you.
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    Female magician needs help...

    Same problem when your young. :(
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    Giorgio Armani Playing Cards

    The only designer cards I buy are from T11.
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    David Blaine Engaged

    I would say something but I can on the forums. You get my drift???
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    Wynn Cards

    Lots of store sell them... its just finding the right price for them.
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    What DVD's for cardistry like Andrei?

    They both look similar to me. If it showed just hands I couldn't tell them apart.
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    Who performs Indecent?

    I do it after witness because they might think witness is prepared and indecent is a perfect cleaner.
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    Do the artists use T11 tricks?

    Of course they perform the tricks sold on T11. How else do they make the previews???
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    General Discussion is not for Card Magic!

    Aren't cards part of general magic???
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    Torn & Restored Cards :: Motivation?

    People do TnR because it's cool.
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    Most Users Online - Record Plan

    What day of week is the 18th??? It depends if ill be on or not. dun-dun-dun.
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    How do I take my magic to the next level?

    The effects aren't losing any effect. Preform to others instead of your mates.
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    Infant by Shaun Dunn

    That was funny.
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    I Hate LMT

    hey man that is one of the sites that got me into magic.
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