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Recent content by Aaron.Williams

  1. Aaron.Williams

    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    Black: 9 of spades White: 4 of hearts Black: 8 of hearts White: Queen of Clubs
  2. Aaron.Williams

    It's Nice To Be Back (Breaks and Such)

    Well hey there guys, it's been a LONG time since I've been on the forums. Since September, to be exact. This isn't because I hate magic, or hate you guys, or anything like that. I've actually taken a bit of a break from magic for about a year, around right after I put "playBack" up on The Wire...
  3. Aaron.Williams

    oh hey, sorry about the late (really late) reply. I haven't actually been on this site in...

    oh hey, sorry about the late (really late) reply. I haven't actually been on this site in MONTHS. I've taken a bit of a break from magic for the past year, but I just started to get back into it... anyways, we should totally meet up! Contact me on twitter (@AbracaAwesome, if you have one) it's...
  4. Aaron.Williams

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

    Here's mine:
  5. Aaron.Williams

    what music to use for cardistry video

    Don't just use a certain genre of music. Don't just use a song because you like it. Use music that fits with the overall feel that you want the video to have. Take some of theory11's videos for example. The Sentinels deck video is fast paced and awesome, while the Monarchs video is slow and...
  6. Aaron.Williams

    DVD vs. Download

    Having a DVD is nice for people who like to actually HOLD the product and for collectors, it also gives you more options on where to watch them. I personally like using downloads, since you don't have to wait, but its all about what you like best.
  7. Aaron.Williams

    Revealing tricks in YouTube

    Send them a message, explain to them why you think its wrong, and hope for the best. There's really not much you can legally do, just try to keep people from posting anymore and urge people to not watch them. PS: Threads get closed/deleted if they have links to reveal videos. Just thought you'd...
  8. Aaron.Williams

    Creating an effect ?

    I'm not really a "creator" (actually, most magicians say they aren't), in fact, the only quality trick I've ever come up with, I put on the wire. Not so I could make money and get "famous", because that doesn't really happen, but because I was proud of it, and I thought other people could...
  9. Aaron.Williams

    tips for making cardistry video beginner

    Keep it simple. Let your cardistry be the star of the show, not the after-thought. Set up whatever camera you have, get some good lighting, and just do what you do in front of it. Cut it the way you want it, color it a little if you want, and put some cool music behind it. Don't worry too much...
  10. Aaron.Williams

    Moving ink

    It looks extremely close to Jesse Feinberg's "Spello Change" on here. Plus, the whole drawing something on cellophane and having it change idea has been done a lot, so you should probably check to see if you didn't just rediscover someone else's trick.
  11. Aaron.Williams

    Best camera for filming magic?

    Wow, its been a while since I've been on here... As a youtube vlogger/filmmaker/beginning freelance video producer, I know how expensive and time consuming video production can be. And if you're not too serious about it, I suggest getting a $200-300 camcorder that does HD. The main question I...
  12. Aaron.Williams

    Need an Editor?

    Hey guys, some of you guys probably want to submit stuff to the Wire, but probably aren't too experienced with editing and all that stuff. I like editing, and helping people out, so if you need someone to edit a trailer or the entire thing for you, I'm your guy! Send me a message on the...
  13. Aaron.Williams

    Changing a piece of gum in a spectators pack.

    I asked the first question because thats what the title of the thread implied. The second question is a legitimate concern. It could mean the difference between the audience being impressed and having them think you suck. How does it look when a spectator asks, "Can I see the gum (or box)?" and...
  14. Aaron.Williams

    Changing a piece of gum in a spectators pack.

    The trick looks really cool and seems clean. I only would have two questions: 1. Can the gum actually be borrowed? 2. Is the box and/or gum examinable afterwards? I'm not sure if you took the gum out in a suspicious way or if its just because you were holding the camera in the other hand. I'd...
  15. Aaron.Williams

    video making

    I don't really shoot too much cardistry but I like to think I know a bit about video production. :) "How many angles should I get of one flourish?" I think the more impressive the flourish is, you could get 2 or 3. But if its a simple charlier (I hope thats how it's spelled) cut, its probably...
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