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  • hmm, if youre using a PC, i'd advise playing around with Windows Movie Maker. You can cut and edit clips together. A couple of my early videos were made with that and they didnt turn out too bad.
    Also, dont be afraid to just stop recording and start a new video. having multiple clips is always good. Familiarize yourself with the editing software so you'll be able to cut parts of the video out after editing. If youve got any problems with your editing, feel free to drop me a PM!
    no prob at all.well ya see i have been using my playstion 3 to make some magic videos and i dont like to just sit in a room and perform them i like to go out do them for reall people and everything.well the other day i bought me a sony handcam and it works great but the bad thing is there is no pause button on it.so when i go to make a video i got to keep filiming no matter what.or i have to stop recording and start a new video.and i didnt know if there was a way to take to videos and edit them together or what b/c w/out bein able to cut the cam and film at a new location w/out having to start a whole new video if you know what i mean.any help would be nice on how or what to use to edit videos to gether thanks,
    Hey man, thanks for the kind words about my videos. I appreciate them.
    I'm currently using Sony Vegas 7 to edit the videos. However, its always good to have a quality camera and good lighting. These are definately more important than editing software.
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