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    Saturday Night Contest: Superbowl Prediction v3

    Ravens win! 25-17
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    t11.bulletin : Incredible Magic Opportunity - Shanghai

    I'll have mine sent in by the end of the week, can't wait this should be fun. This is definitely a great opportunity Ace,
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    So, you are meeting this girl for the first time...

    stick with elastics, NO CARDS... and your not a nerd for doing magic so dont even put that thought in her head, GriffinJay is right, dont do anything till the end, make it un planned "on the spot" even if your friends ask to see one, tell them they can see one before you leave, and...
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    So, you are meeting this girl for the first time...

    oh and crazy man's handcuffs is a great one, it allows you to get closer... and perform the penetration in her hands.
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    So, you are meeting this girl for the first time...

    if you ever get the time look into fire starters by jay sankey great Dvd. and if this is your first time meeting the girl then play it simple, 2 tricks simple and advanced. you don't want to be her "magician" thats almost worse than being called her friend. Depending on age a great line I...
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    I have actually been working on a method for a torn witness, " witness re-torn" I should have a video up by the end of next month
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    Original card effects

    I'm down, I haven't seen anyone else perform this trick so yeah it wont be live seeing as i'm working to much and don't have a camera, but someone battle me.
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    Include flourish in your card magic...?

    I always use flourishes in my card routines, but that is just my style. I like making the spectator think something is about to happen when it has all ready happened. also it goes great with my line " Yeah, I know... I was grounded for a long time when I was a Kid." ha and yes this should be...
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    Best Coins Across (In Your Opinion)

    Yes I loved the Gregory Wilson On The Spot.
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    Best Coins Across (In Your Opinion)

    I dont do much coin magic, but 3/4's across by Gregory Wilson is impromptu and extremely eye catching.
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    Street Hypnosis

    then you ather give up and go to something simular, or you just try a different method.
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    Object Thrown Across Room

    you could definatly use a reel. but to get the item to fly across the room as if it was tossed by to much force, i would look into different elastics or slings. "an invisible sling shot" lol
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    Restaurant Magic!

    And if you know coins, coin through glass and a small coin routine.
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    Restaurant Magic!

    spongeball routine would be great, make sure you have 2 sets of patter, one for kids and one for adults. as for tricks, a few that I do in the bar & grill. Biddle Trick 2CM ACR Card to pocket routine. Believe I also have a bunch of custom business card routines. you have to think...
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    Performance for Highschool Kids tomorrow.

    would you be performing gypsy thread with it?? or no?
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