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    well i know this is not the best answer but when i stopped istarted to do xcm instead now xcm is my main thing now but i still do magic a little
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    August 1 reloaded

    okay i got excited because i got home from vacation in the abacos diving and i couldnt wait to get home because they said it was a 1 night event but ur right now i think they will maybe do a reveal per week thanks:D
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    August 1 reloaded

    so now its 8/1 and their is supposed to be 5 big reveals today i havent noticed anything different could someone tell me what they are
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    Speed in Flourishing

    also when doing complicated flourishes the spec cant see everything u doing making it less cool and stuff
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    Mocha Tutorial

    thank u so much for doing something new no symbil very good
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    Cool Finds on eBay

    good pick up your right
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    the patter for this and that (check youtube) can be for gambling
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    Do You Take Care Of Your Image?

    ya i play baseball either practices or games 5 times a week and work out 3 times a week
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    "Show me some magic..."

    sounds cool where can i learn it
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    The Kras Change!

    i thought the ad was kind of funny
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    The Kras Change!

    9 bucks is too much esspessialy since most magicians(probly) could figure it outi did and its very easy for beggenners i really like it if it was an origional
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    how do I get a card to stick to my thumb?

    well if u have a problem with sweat rub some flour in them
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    Strike vs get ready DL

    hi david i didnt know u had an account here i never saw u on the fourms
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    Beginner-ish flourishing

    though the flourishes are good i dont like the teaching style of the trilogy they didnt actully talk they just had the word boxes which i didnt like
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