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  • No problem mate, good luck practising, I'm sure you'll pick 'em up quick.
    Ah... Pressure fans... Mine really sucks... Tbh I don't fan much though - prefer cuts and aerials and the like :)
    Where in PA are you??? I am in the Philadelphia area... :) I would love to meet another magician!
    Hey, saw your thread on XCM, all good advice, especially the always be fiddling with cards.
    Just thought I'd link you to a couple of tutorials, the ones I started with, beats doing an english essay :p


    Charlier cut, thumb fan, Sybil - all good to learn as well. Dunno what DVD's you have, some might teach them...
    After a while you'll see what you like and start tailoring what you learn to that I guess, I like to think I'm starting to develop my own flourishing style.
    Enough rambling, good luck, hope this helped :)
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