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    Best force word?

    If I am performing an effect in which I need to have the spectator pick a word, and I can force any english word, which one should I use?
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    A weird coincidence that felt like magic...

    Wow, that is cool! Something magical happened to me the other day. I was watching a magic video while shuffling a deck of cards. The magician on the screen said to think of one of five cards he was holding. I thought of the King of Clubs. Then, he said, let's say the spectator picks the King of...
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    Beginner in Card Magic

    I started with Roberto Giobbi's Card College set. By going through the first two volumes you will learn alot of sleight of hand, but if you want to start learning more advanced tricks and sleights you should read all five.
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    Ideas for the dreaded stage performance.

    Lord_Magic, I have done something exactly like this infront of the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade at my school. I started by saying that all magician have to warm up, and invited everyone to warm up with me. I did the quick trick where the magician can twist his hands in a way that the audience...
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