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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 55!

    Well I had Tampa winning with 31, but horribly off on Kansas' score.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 55!

    Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Score: 38-24 Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Score: 31-28
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    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto!

    Red: 4 of Spades Green: 10 of Hearts Red: 7 of Clubs Green: 6 of Spades
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    How do I start a semi local magic club in a small town? How do I find magicians and those wanting to

    Look at the SAM and IBM websites and see if there is a ring anywhere near you. Even if you don't have one close but possibly in the same state they may have information on local magicians you could contact that would be interested in getting together.
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    New Jack Carpenter Book Released!

    Jack is awesome. I have his previous works and have seen his cardwork in person. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy and his ability with cards is remarkable.
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    Holiday Wheel 2020

    Woo Hoo it's back! No reward first spin, it can only get better from here, lol!
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    Help on a Beginner's Routine

    I like it, I'm just spitballing here but at first glance maybe a bit too much on the set up to how much bad luck you have. But on 2nd thought it's also a tie in to your assistant winning your car keys at the end. Let me think some more on this. The odds of these two being the same card are...
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    Your favourite classic close-up performances?

    Well not on video but rather live, I've seen Mike Pisciotta and Jason Ladanye perform. Spectacular is all I can so for both.
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    Holiday Wheel 2019?

    I have to wait about another six hours for my next spin. Hopefully the last one of the decade is a home run!!!!!!!!!
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    Star Wars Playing Cards

    These cards are exquisite! Although, slightly surprised no R2D2. The Jack of spades has to be my favorite card.
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    The Guild Of Artisans

    very cool. I like the mountain in the background. I get to see Mt Rainier when the weather is nice.
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    Why You Should Try Self-Working Card Tricks (and: Where to learn them)

    Excellent article. I recently picked up the three Giobbi books and they Are awesome. Being a novice I’ve been focusing on Card College 1 and Royal Road. I am starting to work on some of the stuff in Light in between trying to get really proficient at a few tricks from Card College.
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    Next up?

    CountryTurns, I still consider myself a novice. Here’s my advice, pick up Card College 1 and Royal Road to Card Magic. Read both then reread both again. Practice everything in the books but try to get really good at three or four of your favorite tricks. I say pick up both books because...
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    Holiday Wheel 2019?

    My email with my spins just showed up.
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    Star Wars Playing Cards

    I just got an email with my spins.
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