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    Free magic/every week!

    Hey guys if you're not following the @816podcast on twitter you're missing out. We are giving away magic EVERY WEEK for FREE! Not to mention it's a pretty damn good podcast....... You can listen here But remember you gotta follow...
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    The Ethics Of The Magic Market Place

    This is a fantastic post by David Rowyn, truly a must read for any magician...... I would love to hear what other's think as I feel it almost couldn't have been written any better....... Alex Rangel
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    Titanium Edition Playing Cards For FREE! (win 'em)

    What's with all these people trying to get in on the magic hoopla, podcast, video, blog-tastic craze? No, I was really asking...... Well boys and girls, get ready to add one more to your list. The 816podcast is live! (twitter @816podcast) The 816podcast is the brainchild of David & Alex...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    Dgp Is it true you once lived in silence only to better understand your other 4 senses? Is it true you grew your own corn just to make your own corn tortillas? Is it true you drink and make up your own 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of viper venom and east African woolly urine to help the "creative...
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    Dan & Dave Change Magic - Playing Cards

    Dan&Dave Change the world of MAGIC! After today I'm sure this will be old news, however I have been given exclusive permission By Daniel & David Buck to share one of the most significant breakthroughs in magic since the "TT" I am truly honored to have been a part of this project and to have...
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    The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins

    As I said in my podcast, I came up with the HANDLING by total accident...I showed quite a top name in magic like Darwin Ortiz, Allan Ackerman and Jeff McBride to make sure that what I had was in fact original. I was even fortunate enough to show one of Ed Marlo's personal students, Billy...
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    The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins

    Harbor change The Harbor Change By Michael Hankins ? Really....................................................................
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