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    Wow... that time of the year again?!

    Happy Festivus, everyone!
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    Looking for an effect..

    Anyone know of a *fully inspectable*gaffed card that can be signed, placed in a deck, edges run through fire, and the signed card's border is burned? Basically a signed and burned card is what I'm looking for. Thanks
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    Forcing theory/ Peek theory

    I've heard people say to use the classic force as often as possible, especially when you don't need to force.. it's practice and builds confidence.
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    You've Got Talent: Part 7

    this essay is teaching me do much.. thanks for taking the time to write it! "Just don't order the lamb.".. nicely done!
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    Halloween Effects

    Pepper's ghost is good for haunted houses and hayrides.. We're planing on using it for my wife's uncle's hayride this year.. but we're running out of time.. definitely next year. There's a wiki on it:
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    Fooling a beginner ?

    i don't have the time to read though the posts right now, but I'll forget to post if I don't now.. You could 'take him under your wing..' not really teach him tricks, but give him some guidance.. tell him what books there are in the library.. teach him a simple move or trick.. basically...
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    Improve Your Mind: Contest Details!

    those were all great reads and practical insight into entertainment and the mind of the entertainer. Thanks for writing them, and congratulations! Mine was just a last minute promise-keeper.. it was awful, especially compared to these
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    A Thank You Message To Everyone

    I agree.. It's so much nicer to learn the art from scholars than tricks from 14 year olds
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    Improve Your Mind: Contest Details!

    I just sent mine.. I was having trouble with hotmail, so I sent it with gmail.. If you get both, I'm sorry. They are both the same.
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    Insight into Self as the Magician.

    Science. As we try to emulate god, we gain a deeper understand about our surroundings.. and things that were once divine lose their mystery. Ra the sun god, for example, has been equaled, and bested, by science. Magic and science have their parallels.. To the scientist (magician) who knows...
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    Freaky Card Magic

    i've never seen sympathy.. is there a video? I couldn't find one
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    Improve Your Mind: Contest Details!

    This might help some people who haven't written such an essay. It has tips and a sample essay. Wait.. why am I helping the competition? :D
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    I AM A Beginner Cardist...

    nice idea.. you're still going to get d-bags that feed off of bashing others, but there is strength in numbers.. It's a good way for people to get confidence and constructive feedback. Draven: I got the impression that he was speaking in general, not just T11, as the comments will mostly be on...
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    Origins - I'm starting over.

    I'd like to see before and after videos.. When I break out of the 'intermediate' bracket, I'm looking forward to doing the same thing.
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