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    1. Austin24
      Well the thumb cut works like a charm now but I have run into another problem...I'm working on the revolution cut and I can get the packet to rotate but all through the move I keep having trouble keeping the rest of the deck from sliding all over the place. I have tried changing my grip but its still not where it needs to be. Maybe you can help. I know your busy but thank you for helping.

    2. Andrei
      Thank you so much Austin, that made my day. I think our skill and talent is only as good as our tolerance level. Keep at it.

      For the thumb cut, you can substitute your fingers to grip the packet differently. In Genesis, I teach the thumb cut with the middle finger on the outside, and the other 3 fingers on the inside. Try this though, have the ring and middle fingers on the outside, but the index and pinky on the inside. This provides a much stronger grip with 2 on the in and 2 on the out. It's still the same thumb cut which is actually the way it's taught in the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes by Jerry C. which is a great book by the way. Let me know if anything else, thank you again, really appreciate it.
    3. Austin24
      Andrei, I gotta give it up to you man. As I am new to cardistry I started with a bunch of Youtube tutorials and they were really hard to keep up with or too advanced at the time so for a while it was like I was spinning my wheels but my fiancee and I got Genesis Version 1 and wow. We have a whole new outlook on our chances at becoming good at this. thank you so much. Also I am having sum trouble with the thumb cut. when i get the packet between my 4 fingers they want to slip and slide no matter how I grip them. What can I do to help prevent this? again thank you very much for what you are doing for this art
    4. Olaf177
      Andrei, could you please take a look at my PM, it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.
    5. Olaf177
      Andrei, could you please reply to my PM, it's important. (SNC fault)...
    6. CookYourself
      Thanks Andrei. I actually got the mechanics down now. The only problem for me now is the weaving. There are usually about 3 cards that are left unwoven on top on one side and when i do the momentary release of the index finger to do the slight alignment, those cards fall over to the other side. I also want to ask learning the Spring in the "wrong" hand makes a big difference in your opinion. I am right handed, but I learned to spring with my left hand.
    7. Andrei

      Awesome username. For learning the one handed shuffle, it would be easiest to use a well broken in deck to learn the initial step of dividing the deck in two as the packets won't separate easily. For the faro however, I'd suggest using a deck closer to a new(er) condition, older decks tend to have messy edges and are a bit harder to weave together.
    8. CookYourself
      I have a quick question. What kind (condition) of deck is good for initally learning the one handed shuffle? A new slick one, a broken in one or an old one?
    9. Fran DC
      Fran DC
      andrei can you help with spemthing?
    10. cardistry26370
      any plans to release one handed anaconda
    11. thejakesnage
      You are amazing :)
    12. khbijok399s
    13. Steve Dio
      Steve Dio
      Have a wonderful birthday, Andrei!
      Keep pushing the limits and creating awesome stuff. I hope we'll meet sometime.:)
    14. alexb
      wats up andrie :D
    15. SimonAlexander
      Hey Andrei! I just wanted to say hi!
    16. Gapz_
      congratulations on everything bro, real proud of you, remember... ahhh the old days...., seif, CC, shadow, burns, marp, ****ing fingerfit bashin the bucks, lookin forward to the weekend chat.... and of course you winnin the first tournament....... I still remember the very first of The'me you sent me before the edit.... well keep in touch man,, I'll be headin to vegas in 2 years for my 21'st birthday =P, PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACE
    17. illusions09
      i was just wondering how you did in your film contest? your entry was amazin... also what program did you use to edit your vid? thanks
    18. Leonardo2510
      Happy Birthday Andrei
      Andrei, you are very talented
      I am a big fan of yours
    19. Jv
      No problem...Hoped you had a wonderful B-Day!
    20. Andrei
      Thank you guys!!
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