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  1. AndrewJ

    Where to Learn Cups and Balls Routine

    I agree with this. Cups & Balls is great because even inexpensive, off-brand resources will often have a technique or two that someone else might have missed. At least watch, learn, and get a feel for Vernon's routine. This can be found in The "Cups and Balls Booklet" with a $5 suggested...
  2. AndrewJ

    Music for creativity?

    Some thoughts on music. I once rehearsed an act hard to someone else's music. When it came time to perform it, I had no patter but a lot of rhythm. So I said nothing and performed in some sort of choreographed silence. Everyone said it needed music. In a similar vein, Troma Films reportedly...
  3. AndrewJ

    Advice needed on social anxiety. #2 - OP's Reply

    Aced. I'm going to tell you something that's a thousand times easier said than done, but it's the best advice I can offer from having been there. I have been there and worse, in many cases. So the easier said than done advice: Rehearse being a social human. See if you can find other...
  4. AndrewJ

    Advice needed on social anxiety.

    I'll reiterate some things: Social anxiety is a real thing. I've been placed on anxiety medication. It was never as bad as Craig Browning's, but it's not an entirely great feeling either. From that perspective: Learn to perform. Perform anything you can. Some of my first "gigs"...
  5. AndrewJ


    My school encourages asking for things in ways that inspire new, odd answers and sometimes even being picky about not using the same answers repeatedly. Many of troupes openly complement the suggestion while saying "we've done that too recently." ie, we're doing you a favor. Anyway, back on...
  6. AndrewJ


    Steerpike, I'm mostly agreeing with you. My only disagreement is in the sour mood toward a different performing style. I don't like to see it from talented people like John Rhys-Davies (assuming he meant disdain in his statement). It's a tool that I have seen come in very useful in both my...
  7. AndrewJ


    I've spent today arranging rehearsal space and a common schedule for an improv troupe. My current class will be playing on stage tomorrow night as well. I do perform, if very irregularly, a parlor-sized act in the real world. So, I hope to weigh the pros and cons of improv from the middle...
  8. AndrewJ

    Anyone know the name of this ....?

    This made my day to read. I do the same thing, by the way. I dug up an out-of-the-way card effect that forces spectator involvement and a lot of on-the-fly storytelling from my end. It's not the strongest thing I perform, but it's a chance to try giving an audience member some sort of...
  9. AndrewJ

    In the Mind of a Hobbyist - Pragmatism

    I'm going to agree. I've got another (non-paid) gig in a week, then every Saturday in June, but it's still a hobby. It's still fun and theater. I found a middle ground with props. I perform cups and balls with an odd magic wand found on ebay, which matches the colors of my wood & slate...
  10. AndrewJ

    rough draft of my idea

    Alright. Good ideas first: 1: If you genuinely want to do this, and see it fitting your performance, then awesome. I may be going against the grain with this, but I'd much rather see a card guy tinker to find his own thing than a card guy with an encyclopedic memory of subtle variants. In...
  11. AndrewJ

    What do you do outside of magic?

    My job is web programmer. Not so much in design these days as having fun programming again. I've been getting involved with improv a lot, which in turn is pushing me to do more magic. It's all coming together under "performing," and having a larger set of tools to perform with. One...
  12. AndrewJ

    New Website? Your thoughts about it?

    Okay, I did a little more investigating. .tk addresses do apparently get blocked by some service providers. It doesn't seem to be as severe as it was three years ago, but it's still an issue. Arman is also using a very unorthodox webhosting solution. That may also be causing some problems...
  13. AndrewJ

    New Website? Your thoughts about it?

    This is my job, although these days I have better skills programming behind-the-scenes stuff than designing the visuals. I'm feeling sick right now, and apologize if any humor doesn't get proofread out. Just know that I already think you did great and now I'm looking for smaller details to help...
  14. AndrewJ

    Music for videos!

    If you'll forgive me: Bridgeport Music, Inc. v. Dimension Films, 410 F. 3d 792 - Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit 2005 disagrees. The important part is what caused this lawsuit. From any other story about the lawsuit: There was also the Vanilla Ice vs Queen & David Bowie deal. Vanilla...
  15. AndrewJ

    Mega Purchase Today at Auction

    I've had similar finds, although not with that big of a backlog from the 60s. I agree that there are a lot of gems to be found, especially when you find those so inexpensively. Congrats.
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