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    Standard Shipping?

    I think that t11 doesnt have to do anything with this, is the USPS fault I think, I mean you pay what they have to pay to send it.. But I dont understand how on lee asher's site, every order the shipping is 5$ I think WORLDWIDE
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    Most difficult aerial flourish?

    one handed waterfall, its a *****..
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    Do you want cards that look cool but handle like crap? or looks good and feels good?
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    New flourishes!

    Hey check out this thread I think you can learn at least 1 thing from that...
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    New flourishes!

    About the new vid: It was better than your last vid, but man you need to practice more more and more... The background improved if we compare it to the other vid, its nice that you are trying to improve, the mindfreak look is still there xD... And by saying that you didnt speed up this time...
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    New flourishes!

    I think it was to my post because his post is under my post, and I posted before you.. Lets stop discussing who was the harsh thing to xD
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    New flourishes!

    I wasnt trying to be harsh.. I just think that you wanted opinions, and you wanted constructive criticism, just to help you for your next vid..
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    New flourishes!

    Man I'm gonna be honest.. I dont know if you speed up some moves, or the camera has bad fps.. I think that you are TOO stiff, you look like a robot, no offense, I mean relax your arms so the moves can look much smoother, I also think that you put the camera too close of the cards in some shots...
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    Control + Color Change

    you should ban cherry control too xD
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    Asher Twist

    The performance was 5/5 Personally I dont like all those leather bands? on your arms xD and the subtitles either but the perofrmance was great..
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    2 Battles:

    I bet that for the control and color change you will use the cherry control and clipshift xD
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    We Need More Moderators?

    I am not sayin that it has happened, but I have seen some serious spam at that time and it get deleted at 10am or so..
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    We Need More Moderators?

    I am pretty sure that if i post porn, spam, revealing tricks or something against the rules between 4 am to 9.30am or 10 est, it will be there and all the mods are gonna be sleeping like babies
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    Alternative Method to Smoke

    I hate smoking, and I thought that maybe with a lollipop :P it would be sweet :) havent tried it xD
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    Right Handed vs Left Handed

    its like baseball, if you are right handed, you catch the ball with your left hand..
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