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    theory11 at Barnes and Noble?

    So recently when I have gone to Barnes and Noble, I noticed that they sold Steampunk playing cards. This did not surprise me because I knew that Bicycle sold a retail version of steampunk that's slightly different from the Theory11 steampunks. However I was shopping at Barnes and Noble today and...
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    Good Magic Sets For Begineers

    Hey guys, I recently did a show and a parent who watched the show emailed me and said that her daughter was now deeply interested in learning magic. She said that she had a birthday coming up and all she wants is a magic set. Do you guys have any ideas of good sets? This girl is 10-years-old.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl XLVIII

    Broncos win 38-31 Seahawks win 27-24
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    Best Release This Year

    Are you just telling people what their card is? I mean I just don't understand what other applications there are for that...
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    Sound gimmicks?

    That just gave me another idea! Thanks Craig. Thanks for all the help guys I'll also look into that!
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    Sound gimmicks?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can point into the direction where I can a sound gimmick? You know it's like instant radio but you can do another sounds as well? Does anybody know what it's called?
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    Best Release This Year

    Although in order to answer your question. I didn't purchase many tricks this year, but I really enjoyed predichange. It's a pretty useful gimmick if you ask me. I'm sure clarity box is one of the best released effects of the year. My friend recently got it and I got to look at it and it's...
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    Best Release This Year

    I really don't understand the hype around the code... I mean it's a cool trick but I don't see why everyone is rushing to get it. Can someone please enlighten me and tell me why it's so fantastic?
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    White Magic: My Review

    Yes many of my relatives believed that it sounded kind of racist too. I had very mixed feelings about the show, I only got to see one effect from the first episode and I was not too thrilled. The second one though had a couple of things I liked but not too much. I really enjoyed when Dan White...
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Magic Roundtable

    How'd you get the hook up with David Blaine? What's your favorite deck of cards? How'd you get the HP commercial job?
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    Creating an intro for your act

    Hey guys, What's a proper way of opening your act? Like what kind of trick do you use, what type of patter do you use, etc. Do you use music, how would you incorporate it? I'd really appreciate some tips thanks guys.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    3 of hearts 8 of spades Jack of diamonds
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    Opinion on Loops

    Considering that I did break three loops just today performing magic, I still say they're very worth it. I didn't really do a good job at stretching them out first so that's why they didn't last and then just being stupid with them made them break. But I say USE LOOPS. Loops are seriously the...
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    In the spectator's hand magic

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone can point in the right direction of where I can find magic where it primarily happens in the spectator's hand. Like Out of this World or the card transposition. I have found that spectator's stop asking how I did the magic trick because it's happening in...
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! I literally peed myself when I saw him do regeneration with a bill. When I was watching I was like "He can't possibly do regeneration it's just going to appear somewhere else" and then BOOM! He restored it. David Blaine is too good.
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