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    minimal amount of time using trick?

    If you aren't confident in the execution then you probably aren't ready.
  2. Austin24 saw this. Figured you would get a... saw this. Figured you would get a laugh.
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    Where to learn cetyl

    I did a quick search and didn't find anything. sorry
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    For those looking for older coins

    If you are in the market for some Walking Liberties or Morgan Silvers check out Dan and Dave's selection
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    BelBel Trick - My Version

    1st things 1st. I would recommend looking at Steerpike's thread on videos. He offers some great advice on videos. The move was fairly clean but the move felt rushed in my opinion. Not a bad start.
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    Hey Craig, Hadn't popped in to say hi in a while. Hope this finds you well.

    Hey Craig, Hadn't popped in to say hi in a while. Hope this finds you well.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Final Four

    Florida 79-69
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    New monte

    *phony Antonio Banderas accent* Si
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    Lets Talk...

    To a.Luu...I believe sir your argument has just become invalid
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    Thoughts on Strolling/Restaurant work.

    The number one thing I will recommend as someone who Is prepping for my 1st restaurant show is what Krab suggested, Dan Harlan's "More than Meets the Eye". It is going to be your most valuable resource and it will change your whole outlook on your show
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    New monte

    Maybe in a sombrero? that's my dos centavos worth
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    Where to Learn Cups and Balls Routine

    Stars of Magic has one of Vernon's routines in it.
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    How do I make the spectator care?

    You asked for tricks where you can leave them with something. An ACR have the selected card signed give it to them afterwards? ring heist by Marcus Eddie is another effect where you can give them something, a modified version of blank night by John Archer would be a great opportunity. business...
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    see I didn't know that till I started using them
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    oh ok I see now well the color will have to do for now as long as the size is right. I'll look into the color ones later just needed to make sure I didn't screw up. I have been using some thick rubber bands from Wal-Mart for the past few months and they SUCK
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