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Recent content by Axe

  1. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - Do As I'm Doing

    9 of Clubs, 3 of Clubs, 6 of Diamonds.
  2. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1. Mike Hankins 2. B. Smith 3. Andrei Jikh 4. Calen Morelli 5. Alex Geiser 6. Eric Ross 7. Blake Vogt 8. Dan White 9. Chris Mayhew xD NOTE: I believe Andrei Jikh is on the list of people twice.
  3. Axe

    New Flourish - tre - Tutorial

    No problem, Glad you liked it!
  4. Axe

    New Flourish - tre - Tutorial

    Been away for quite some time, back with a new flourish. Enjoy :D EDIT: Don't forget to watch in HD!
  5. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!
  6. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl Prediction!

    Steelers will WIN, 23-14.
  7. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - Match That Deck!

    A) League - 1893 B) Bee 203 C) B33 200 D) Cyclist - 1898 E) Pneumatic No. 1 - 1894 F) Motor No 1 - 1901 G) New Fan - 1894
  8. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - 60 Seconds of Cardistry

    EDIT: NVM they already picked the winner. Good Job!
  9. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish :: Round IV

    Hey guys! This is mine: Note* May still be processing *Note -Alex
  10. Axe

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm sorry, but since when did you get to decide what should and shouldn't be on the forums? With that attitude your not going to go anywhere, so you might as well just keep your harsh opinions to yourself. Anyway, I really enjoyed the post. Hope you all have a fantastic ThanksGiving!:) -Alex
  11. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - The Dan and Dave Video Challenge

    I had to absolutely kill the quality last minute, to make it on time. I will re-upload the HD Version after the contest is finished for those of you interested. Thanks, Happy Birthday guys, and Good Luck everybody:) -Alex
  12. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - One Last Call :: GENESIS v1

    What direction do you think the cardistry community is moving toward? Do you see the future of cardistry better or worse then it is now? In lets say 2 years. How would you compare Genesis to any other Cardistry DVD(s), Do you think this will change a lot of peoples perspectives on the art...
  13. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - Your Skills on Display

    Alright guys, been a while. Got home 45 minutes ago haha, Good luck everybody, sorry for crappy quality and going slow. (Give it a minute might still be processing) Alex
  14. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - This House is Made of Cards

    Dude thats really cool, you were 20 minutes late though=/
  15. Axe

    Saturday Night Contest - This House is Made of Cards

    Thanks haha. 5 or 6 decks are in that thing (bottom too), its really heavy too! haha I didn't have enough time to make the disk tray or usb ports:P
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