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Recent content by Barustien

  1. Barustien

    Magic and Intelligence

    Recently a close adult friend saw me constantly fiddling with cards. Its a natural instinct for me at this point and it helps me retain focus. She said, "your smarter than those cards. You shouldn't waste your time with cards. You really dont want to pursue this. You can do something more...
  2. Barustien

    Rolling Pelican

    Hey guys what do you think of my new flourish called the Rolling Pelican: I hope you like it.
  3. Barustien

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything

    How far do you think flourishing will go in the future? Will it eventually decline or progress? Do you do performances on the art of card movement? How do you deal with someone telling you, "so, and, that's not so great". How do you gain their respect back with flourishing?
  4. Barustien

    Merry Christmas

    Its a slieght, but the way I presented it was at the perfect angle, so its flawless. I hope you liked it and merry christmas.
  5. Barustien

    CREATIVITY // Cardistry // Aitkaliev Medet

    sexy vest, nice flourishes. The cards didn't match and i didn't feel that it was that creative a cardistry video. It doesn't have any amazing cinematography or flourishes or setting. What it did have was some raw skill. Looking good though.
  6. Barustien

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, what do you think of the vanish. Here it is: I hope you have a jolly season.
  7. Barustien

    Sacramento Cover

    Thanks so much Tyler Rouss good tips as usual. Thanks man.
  8. Barustien

    Sacramento Cover

    Here is a sleight that can be used as a change or control. Here it is: Whats your feedback? I know it needs a few tweeks here and there.
  9. Barustien

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us + Mathieu Bich

    Here is mine:
  10. Barustien

    Bottom Deal and Multiple Shift

    I learned it from expert card technique, but Im pretty sure Im going to get Jason England's bottom deal.
  11. Barustien

    Bottom Deal and Multiple Shift

    I recently made a video combining the bottom deal and the multiple shift by arthur buckley: Im in need for tips on my multiple shift and bottom deal. Especially bottom deal. Thank so much.
  12. Barustien

    Original Control

    It can change a card, but that would be a bit risky.
  13. Barustien

    Original Control

    the gimmick is very unoticable, and it can be covered up while still being inside the deck in a flash. Its more clean than alot of other controls too.
  14. Barustien

    Original Control

    This is an original control that I came up with. It's called the doorknob control. It involves a gimmick and can only be done with up to 4 spectators infront of you. Give me your feedback. Here it is:
  15. Barustien

    What is the name of this sleight

    Ive been trying to find this out for weeks. What is the proper name for the one handed cut where instead of two packets are in motion, three are.
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