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    I'm back -- with questions

    A pinky count can be done at either the top or bottom of the deck. Both top and bottom counts were/are used in gambling in order to prep for palming multiple cards in various different scenarios. That application of the utility move is useful in magic for the same reason.
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    I'm (sort of) back.

    I picked up cards for the first time in a year last month, and it made me realize: I've spent a lot of money on playing cards. --- <redacted, this was vomit-worthy>
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    Gamblers Palm

    Expert At The Card Table, by S.W. Erdnase. You will learn several methods of palming by reading that fundamental book.
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    I.C. Shift

    Although I'm sure you move your fingers in a slightly different way, this looks like a shoddy method of executing the Clipshift.
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    An Essay on the Modern Magic Community.

    I'm bringing this back to the top again, because as anyone who can read usernames can see, I am now back, and after glancing over the General Discussion board, I feel like some people need to read this.
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    Modernized Classic

    To Cardkiller13 ("Maleek"): Your palming, in the extraction (taking), transportation (holding it, moving your hand around), and replacement phases, along with your handling of a double (two cards), needs a lot of work before you should perform for people. I agree with SKSleighofHand, changing...
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    Creating a Deck

    I would recommend using Adobe Photoshop. You can use a trial version of the program by downloading it via Adobe's main site ( No matter which program you use, make sure to have the DPI set to your desired quality of print.
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    Effects with huge angle problems... good or bad for the performer?

    I agree with visualartist on this comment... As a performer, you need to be able to choose the correct "group" of people to perform to. Without that skill, you may end up performing to many audiences that 1) may not find your illusions gratifying, 2) may not be interested at all, or 3) may...
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    There are multiple 1-on-1 suggestion threads throughout the site. I suggest using them, instead of creating your own little thread about your own little suggestion. This may come as a harsh surprise, but you aren't special. ;)
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    PDF Publication - Help

    You need a single file (put all of the different .pdf files into a .zip folder), an online presence (a website, preferably your own so that you don't need to pay anything to have someone else sell your product), and a "shopping cart" system (which is made semi-easily using PHP and MySQL...
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    Send the link to me via PM; a link that I can download the video(s) from.

    Send the link to me via PM; a link that I can download the video(s) from.
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    So I slowed it down...

    Why does EVERYONE have the sentences in your signature posted on everything?!
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    Tips for Hand to Hand Spread

    Try making a kind of "guide" with your left forefinger and little finger. I would suggest picking up The Roadrunner Cull (available HERE - although there seems to currently be an issue with his site.), simply because you will eventually need help on the Cull, and Kostya gives some tips of the...
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    I'd be happy to take a look at it and then let you know. It all depends. I leave for boot camp...

    I'd be happy to take a look at it and then let you know. It all depends. I leave for boot camp on the 14th of June; however, I won't be in school by the 30th, so I may have time.
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    How Good Can He Be?

    Written well, and contains a good story.
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