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    Saturday Night Contest - Truly Organic

    I call this "The Tree of Life".
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    Confused On Some Decks...

    The one that you like best! When collecting, it only matters what you think is cool, not everybody else.
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    Ellusionist Holiday Giveaway

    Actually Magic is a trading card game. :)
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    How do you deal with clicking cards?

    I agree, and thanks for getting that stupid Katy Perry song stuck in my head! lol
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    Stairway problem

    It sounds like you are putting your fingers in from the wrong direction...
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    Halloween Effects?

    I second The Book of Haunted Magick. I work at a haunted house and very much do enjoy the theme the books has to offer.
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    What's with the price?

    Profit! That's why any magic company starts. Not trying to dis Theory11. It's just a way for them to make money.
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    Riddle of the Day :: Dividing the Deck Into Stacks

    Deal the cards into two equal piles, but turn each card over! ...wait that wouldn't work. Damn!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Make a Riddle / Receive the Clue

    They seem to be different when talking face to face, but watch out because they will turn their backs on you and you will realize they are just like all the others. (cards) I allow you to fly, take a bullet and not die, be rich, allow your life to switch, take away things that are crappy, to...
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    Where can I buy theory11 cards in Dallas, TX?

    You can go to Forth Worth Magic etc., I am not certain if they carry theory 11 cards. I have seen plenty of custom cards there though.
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    Shortcut To Find Your Videos?

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    Bee Club Specials

    I have no clue what stingers have, but Bee's have a cambric finish.
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    Chat Roulette?

    I have done the human blockhead a few times. It got some pretty good reactions.
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