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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Erroneously - pg 98 Vanity - pg 22 Nerve - pg 21
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    Saturday Night Contest: Duel in the Alley!

    Winner: MJ with 120 Winner: Andrei with 120 Winner: Andrei with 121
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    Saturday Night Contest - A Letter To theory11

    Dear t11, The worst thing happened to me today. My girlfriend dumped me. I was CRUSHed. Before I get into THE WHOLE THING, I would be calling my gf "Mo-mo" for confidentiality reasons. So here is what happened: It all started it school. Mo-mo got yelled for breaking the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

    Top: 5 of clubs Bottom: 6 of spades
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    Sentinels Sold Out

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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

    Goal: My history teacher and I have not been getting along very well. In class, I get distracted very easily and I can be a bit disruptive (calling out, raising my voice, etc...). I truly mean no harm, but in the moment, I am never really thinking about the effect my disruptiveness on her and my...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Fake Magic Exposure!

    Here is my entry: enjoy!
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    1. Tails 2. Heads 3. Tails 4. Tails 5. Tails 6. Tails
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    Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!

    Thanks Adam! It means a lot! :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!

    Here is my entry: Enjoy!
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    t11's biggest release - This Week!

    I have a feeling White Guardians will be released....
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    Georgia Magic Things?

    Also El Drussos Magic House (magic shop), IBM Ring 9, and there is a SAM club.
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    I have $20, What should I buy?

    Men through bill???? Don't you mean PEN through bill? ;)
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    Hidden Gems

    What's your point? I was just asking if you could tell everyone your favorite gems....
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