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    Hi, when I click on Tricks only four tricks show up and I try clicking on the those personal options but they still don't work and the videos are not working?
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    5 new releases

    Daniel Garcia Project 4, 5, and 6 will be part of the release I'm guessing.
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    False Shuffles

    Ok thanks guys, it's worth the 12 dollars then.
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    False Shuffles

    Truffle Shuffle by Derek Delgaudio or Manfred Shuffle by Hank Miller? What do you guys prefer? -Thanks
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    Drawing Room Deceptions - Detailed Review

    This book is pretty difficult if you're just starting out, but if you've been performing card magic for awhile, go for it. Waving the Aces is one of the easiest effects out of the book and Oil and Water is easy too because it uses sleights from Wave the Arses, There's also Reformation which is...
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    Wayne Houchin Purchase

    Art of Magic is your best bet, and if you want to take your card magic into the next level of awesomeness pick up The Paper Engine, study the book until you rape it. :p
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    Rising Card iPhone app - iOS4?

    I know this is off topic, but iso4 can it update 8 GB iphones or itouches?
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    D. G. P. 4-6

    Any news from Garcia about his projects 4,5,6?...The release date or his new site launch?
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    Coin Shells

    where can i buy it?
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    Coin Shells

    What website is best to buy gimmicked half dollar coin shells; Besides Jamie Schoolcraft because it's kind of expensive? Also has anyone tried Ultra Versatile coin shells?
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    Venus Fly Trap

    Kostya Kimlat's Undercover Switch is a beautiful move when performed smoothly, but I also recommend you checking out Doc Docherty's Groove Electric Switch. It's a dl from vanishinginc.
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    Out of the three impromptu rising card effects: Shifty, Riot, and Fallen, which effect has the best angles? Also whoever owns DG's BentTouchSlink can you please pm me because I have questions regarding the effects. .:Thanks:.
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    Ellusionist vs T11 Produced DVDs

    I agree E DVD's explain way more and it's really a bang for your buck. I think T11 is just selling DVD's the artists are barely creating and not performing enough, not having enough experience and psychology behind it.
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    Torn and Restored Suggestions

    Are you serious?! Also can anyone tell me where you can purchase Guy Hollingworth's Reformation?
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    Favourite Control?

    My top 3 controls I use: 1.Dribble Control (Clipshift) 2.Riffle Pass 3.Double Undercut
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