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  1. bicyclemagik

    GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Preview Video [updated 10/23/09]

    The first part was a joke, whether you thought it was stupid or not I at least thought you would understand sarcasm. Wait, as a matter of a fact you replied to my sarcasm with sarcasm. If your trying to actually prove a point, that's not logical at all. For the second part, handlordz only...
  2. bicyclemagik

    GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Preview Video [updated 10/23/09]

    Andrei doesn't make mistakes. He does it right the first time. Also I hope this replaces that awful, overpriced 'xtreme beginners' dvd as the 'go to' referral for people asking where to start in cardistry.
  3. bicyclemagik


    I hate seeing threads like this. The flourishes were nowhere close to original. The fact your trying to sell them as a dvd and not what it should be, a 3 star video in the performance section pisses me off.
  4. bicyclemagik

    Hindu Tornado

    Twas one of my favorite moves to perform ever... I'm sad to see Bone selling it.
  5. bicyclemagik

    Problem with the cardistry community...

    I love the hostility and how everyone regards themselves here. Personally I think the argument in the first place is just stupid, who cares how many stars your video gets again? In short, if your vids aren't getting 5's, stop making them and practice until you get to a skill level where "hmm...
  6. bicyclemagik

    Late CCC Videos

    It's Dimitri. And I think it's pretty hilarious when the people from other teams are trying to be respectful while saying that they don't want a video that slaughters the rest to enter. Your not gonna win anyways, guys.
  7. bicyclemagik

    Marionette Mockingbird

    I never said there wasn't, read my post again. Also the 'tutorial' you probably have is a piece of crap and wasn't made by kevin, as I'm sure you would assume.
  8. bicyclemagik

    Marionette Mockingbird

    Dragon is right, SATWOTM was based off "Sora" by Daren, neither of them have anything to do with mockingbird besides the general 'corner spin' motion. There is no tutorial for Sora and it is only fully shown in two video's of Daren's which aren't published, however I think Leon does it somewhere.
  9. bicyclemagik

    Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2009 - Starts Now

    wait what? you guys better be entering, there's only a few good teams this year.
  10. bicyclemagik

    Why Andrei was banned?

    You don't agree with me because you don't know what happened with Andrei's situation, this isn't an 'opinion' thing, so stop trying to be philisophical and stick to facts (although I edited my previous post to your liking.) Seeing posts like that^, Jamal, etc. makes me grow a huge distaste for...
  11. bicyclemagik

    Why Andrei was banned?

    There's no certain reason why exactly he wanted Andrei banned, a common idea is that Andrei was just getting better than him, but whatever the reason was, he made up that Andreie cheated in the xcm tourney so there would be a reason to tell the HL members. Now, instead of being logical about...
  12. bicyclemagik

    hey can you please change my username?

    hey can you please change my username?
  13. bicyclemagik

    Official // CCC Team Formations // Thread

    Ya mang i wansta see jamal and rxillusionist, teamin it up, ccc09, do it kids, show off your mad skillzzzz, gross of stingers up for grabs, go for it, go get it, ya, lets see this, go for it, lets see this.
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