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    Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Collection Here's mine! =D
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    Christmas Cardistry Video.

    well, a lil gift from us to u all. a lil late from the Christmas though. anyway, enjoy! :) Here is it . What we promise last 2 week ago . Malaysia First Cardistry Team , Tau Kien (White T-shirt) Bong Andrew (Cartoon black...
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    Static Performance

    well the modern dvds dont really teach the pattern because there r way too many will just follow exactly what the modern dvds teach to be. so without the pattern, we might be coming out with our own pattern just like the example of yours. btw, nice routine! i like the part where u tell the...
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    Problem with the cardistry community...

    well, not only in cardistry community but in everywhere. ppl tend to look at the famous person. just like someone like us who take a LV bag n ppl will say that "ooo...u take a pirated bag" while the other person who used to take all those pretty and original stuff, he or she takes a "pirated' LV...
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    theory11.bulletin :: CCC2009 - Winner Announced

    haha. congratz man! so when u get bored with the decks, just post some to me k? malaysia, very near right? XD regards, billy.
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    Is this a misprinted deck of Bikes?

    well i used to have a bike n its border like stick to the other side..=.= stick seriously..=.= it makes one side no space at all n the other side has a big blank space over there..>.< well i guess it's time to buy 605 series..xD it's PERFECT!!! XD
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    Dan Sperry Deck

    ya i knew it..:) it's a pretty deck..xD well sat in my drawer though..xD
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    no worries mod. the fight had been stopped n sorry for any incovenience caused. :) regards, billy.
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    wow..suddenly everybody came out from no where..well the result is coming out soon! good luck everyone. :)
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    nice. hands on n peace. :)
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    nicely done. ;) it's useless right. haha, i'll never forget my ancestors are chinese. thanks for reminding me. but just in some places like this, we do need to respect others because they do not understand our languages right? if u want it, i can always chat with u in chinese. :) by the way...
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    haha. nice. indeed i earned a lot through my AV clips in this infamous THEORY 11 website. thanks ya :) if u still want to talk with me, pls pm me. i do not want to spoil this thread just like the way u did. :) have a nice day. regards, billy.
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    i did have a video. just use the search word up there n do not spoil this thread by saying nothing related to the video. btw i still prefer shock. xD
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    come on, i'm sure u know how to read english n pls do respect others. and i dont really agree with u actually. he was just giving his own opinions while he commented on ur video_the kirin[i think it's ur video because u r chinese] n pls accept it. i'm a chinese n this is a place where the...
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    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    well for our video_FUN, we r facing some problems under the hot sun. xD but do enjoy it! XD
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