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    America's Got Talent audition???

    It' gold to research what has already been performed on the show. Sponge balls have already been performed on that show. Not saying you cannot use Sponge balls in a different way..
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    I`m a Beginner. Is it ok to only sale myself as a walk around magician?

    I do agree though, focusing on a niche and being known as a specialist has always been what I've seen as key. I am by no means a professional. I have a full-time job, child on the way. But make a very nice side as a part time magician.
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    I`m a Beginner. Is it ok to only sale myself as a walk around magician?

    I'm just taking advice from Teller.
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    I`m a Beginner. Is it ok to only sale myself as a walk around magician?

    You can advertise yourself as a walkaround performer and own that market, sure. Best thing to do to challenge yourself is to take any and every gig you can. Say yes, and if it's making an elephant appear you can say "no, but I can find someone who can" and get in touch with that person. I would...
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    Best coin bender trick

    I use the Quantum Bender a lot. The setup for Superman is a pain and not as clean as the others. Coinvexed is a nice option, I have had that before. If you search around I think there is a video of Davis Penn performing with it, I know a lot of walkaround performers that use Coinvexed. Ox...
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    Beginner - Should I focus on one discipline?

    There is no problem sticking to Card Magic, lots of performers can make money or be happy with it as a hobby with just a pack of cards. Jon Armstrong appeared to be strictly cards for a while and the last few years he's gone into the stand up realm and has seemed to expand his repertoire past...
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    French Kiss Variation

    If you know FAX by Loki Kross, you could do that first and then go into doing French Kiss with a couple. It's fully possible. That would actually be quite a heavy hitter routine.
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    Revealing our pregnancy with Magic.

    I sure went overboard with envelopes and such, at first I didn't want to do a magic trick. While in the parking lot at Applebee's the idea just came along. Hope you enjoy our little moment :)
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    best color change?

    I do a a twirl or shake change is what I believe people call it, best for surrounded. I do it at 1:48 in this video: 1;27 in this one: You can't see the moment too well in the last video, but that's the timing I like nowadays.
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    Remembering tricks

    So starting out you might know a variety of tricks you practice, and perform for friends and family once and then forget the handling/setup of the trick when you come back to it. To remedy this, come up with a impromptu set that you can run though, a string of 3 tricks. To stop stressful...
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    Are we truly able to put "exposure" in the bank?

    I've just recently got a great paying gig from a fundraiser I did a few months ago, I'm putting it in the bank! There are many event planners and rotary types that go to charity/fundraisers, it's worth it for sure. Good video! Make sure you don't just hand out information, exchange information.
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    Street Magic Video Performances | Small Compilation

    Have a little compilation here of random performances, all for strangers. I'm trying to get out and film more often and see where it goes, kind of just doing it for fun since my new schedule allows me to. Here is what I got so far. Mismade Bill: Chicago Opener, Stairway, Coin Bend, Quick...
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    Guerrilla Style Street Magic?

    I started doing this more often and am putting up videos at least every other week now just for my record, simply just for fun. I figured out the best people to look for are the people that are walking slowly, of course the people laughing and having a good time are always good. I simply say...
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    How do you recover from messing up a trick?

    Always have another trick you can go straight into. And flow through it without missing a beat, that's the most professional way to do it. The other day I was doing Paul Harris' Wishbone and I broke the gimmick, I just took out my cards and said, "back to the drawing board on that one, I want...
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    Walk around card magic?

    There is advice to learn Double Exposure, I do this trick a lot, even have a Youtube video of doing "street magic" with it. But it's not great for ALL situations you are in so it's a good stand by trick to have practiced and ready to do when you are in the right situation. If I was hired for...
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