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    Fooling a beginner ?

    He's heckler, u can just give up. Don't waste your time if he tries to destroy the performance.
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    [flourish] Bumblebee

    Slow down a little bit bro :). It will look more beautiful
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    Arcane Cards @ Ellusionist

    Well, buy and see :p It looks good for me.
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    White Centurions

    Limiting those cards is BS imo.
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    What do you think of my Christmas order?

    Too many stuffs and sure you buy stuffs because of the trailers Do more research and read more reviews
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    As a Living Listen to Rich Ferguson about Magic as making living (pull down).
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    Daniel Madison

    I still enjoy watching "old magic". Plz give some respect . The definition is bullcrap imo.
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    ANATE by Dee Christopher

    I fooled a lady yesterday with Anate >>> easy, fun to do A lill bit expensive though English only
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    GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Preview Video [updated 10/23/09]

    Well, it's your opinion but try to give a fair comment on XB. Do you actually pay for it or you "download" it? Many people don't want to study from basic things. XB taught many moves (cut, fan, spring, armspread)+ concepts(perching, xcm with jewery). Comaparing with youtube ? (hilarious) You...
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    Daniel Madison

    Hahahaha Nice one
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    GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Preview Video [updated 10/23/09]

    Hmm, it's alright. Not really impress me :). Many stuffs I saw before.
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    ANACONDA DVD REVIEW - Not what you think...

    Wow this topic is still hot ?
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    Daniel Madison

    I like D+M style (he makes me love the gambler cop :cool:)but bull****, I want to see something not black and white lol
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    Weapons of the Card-Shark

    It 200% better than Card Sharp by Brian Tudor lol Yes, some very informative moves. The teaching is 6.5/10. Too many moves to rush through.
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    theory11 - Shipping Price

    I am sorry but I have been purchased products from many site and theory11 has worst shipping prices .... The exception is on Christmas lmao 1$ :cool:. I thought you guys should have worked on that for a long time. Hope better things come. Shipping + 1on1(I miss Aaron :() ftw! Love you guys...
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