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    Looking for a TnR

    I can only comment on Hollingworth's The Reformation, which is very clever indeed. However, Daniel Garcia's Torn is my favourite torn-and-restored trick to date. Everything about it - the fact that you can see so much of the card so plainly, the flow the effect has to it, the very (read: very)...
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    Subconciously Knowing

    You're very deceptively taking things out of context. Gladwell plainly sums up thin-slicing with: "... as human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience." He extrapolates upon this (with limited evidence, usually just observations), saying...
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    Subconciously Knowing

    You guys are way off. Blink is mainly about the subject of "thin-slicing"; man's ability to gauge what is really important from a very narrow period of experience. It has _nothing_ to do with the brain instinctively "knowing" - subconsciously picking up - how sleight of hand is done. If that...
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    D&D selling Jerry's Nuggets for $1?

    It's a good thing that cards really make the magician. Oh, wait.
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    Anybody else dislike gimmicks?

    If you don't use gimmicks, you're limiting yourself. It all looks the same to the spectator (when done properly), but gimmicks allow you to do things even more mind-blowing and impossible than with sleight of hand alone - things that truly make the spectator question reality. When used wisely...
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    Free instant download at Penguin

    Ha! That's a good one. I disagree with and don't support the business practices of Penguin. A free trick isn't going to change that.
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    Magician's Attire: What do you wear?

    Mitchell, I'm going to have to disagree with you here. The prefix 'anti-' means 'opposite' or 'counteracting'. Anti-fashion is, by definition, not fashion. I think there's another word that you may be looking for to describe whatever it is that you're talking about. There's really no arguing...
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    Where you at?

    Really?!? Anywhere near Westfield? (ever even heard of it? Kind of a small town :P) It would be kick ass if I could get someone to do magic with, because NO ONE else in this town is into it.
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    Control Contest -- What time was your order registered?

    Somewhere around 11:15, I'd guess. But I really don't care about the prize. BBB
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    Enough With Card Flourishes?

    If people are thinking this after you perform for them with cards, you're doing something colossally wrong. People will think it's all manipulation and quick hands if your performance tells them to think that way just like people will be literally beyond words and believe that they just...
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    Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

    Got mine today! Exactly 1 month after it shipped, it's in my hands.
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    Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

    Guys, guys, guess what tomorrow is! That's right, tomorrow will be 1 month since the DVDs shipped out. And as of today, I still don't have mine. Seriously, what the hell.
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    Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

    I preordered mine. The preorders shipped December 9th. Ryan
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    Anyone in the U.S. receive their TNR project?

    This is absolutely, positively insane. Not you, Huron, but at whoever the **** was supposed to handle my package getting here within a reasonable, or even semi-reasonable, amount of time. I didn't receive mine today. This is the slowest I have ever waited for a package, magic-related or not...
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