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    Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Double

    here my entry :
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Impossible Location

    This is my entry, the first trick is dresscode, i want to enter the second trick in the video.
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    Street Magic vs Mentalism Ep 4

    this is the 4th episode in my Project. plz, enjoy. I still need mic really bad. :(
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    Feedback On Creations Wanted

    the second 1 i cant see any thing, the first 1 like that one from Zack muller+ paint brush, but it totally diferrent so it fine. ^^
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    Saturday Night Contest - Passing Through

    This is my trick for T11 contest, no camera trick just eiting to look fun. ^^. Spectator can sign the card and sign the coin.. The coin go throught the box and stuck on the spectator card.
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    BnP Magic::Street Magic&Mentalism

    Ep3, enjoy.^^
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    Black: King of Diamonds white: Jack of Spades Black: 10 of clubs white: Ace of clubs
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    Street Magic vs Mentalism Ep 2

    this is my second vid on the Project, enjoy. ^^ turn the on the caption for sub.
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    Street Magic vs Mentalism Ep 2

    this is my second vid on the Project, enjoy. ^^
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    Street Magic vs Mentalism

    This is my attemp to do some thing with my magic skill, hope you like it.
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