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    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    1. Tails 2. Tails 3. Tails 4. Heads 5. Tails
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    Ideas of effects that are relatable to daily routine

    Hi all, I'm currently putting together ideas for a video I will be doing. In short, it will be a short of a magician going through their daily routine. He/she comes across situations in their daily routine that he/she solves naturally by magic. Such as if his/her shoelaces were untied...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything But a Castle

    Dang it. Was so close. Unfortunately had to resize the picture and host it so I can put it on the forum which took forever. But a loss is a loss. Congrats Ristanto. Awesome alien crab. Looks really cool :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything But a Castle

    David Blaine. Lincoln Center.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Make a Riddle / Receive the Clue

    1. What is portrayed as infinite time may be a pathway to infinite ideas. Infinite ideas may leave one in limbo. (Dream) 2. Do not overwhelm my extremities. A hard task indeed, extremities are easy to see but not to touch. (Watch) 3. Clean & crisp then filled to the brim with crubbers. One...
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    Saturday Night Contest - A FREE Trip To Magic-Con 2010

    I want to make this as short as I can but direct to the point since I know you guys at T11 have/will have a lot to read. Both my parents are deaf & mute & my mother is also half blind along with that. The first thing that pops into your mind when you say parents, is communicating & talking...
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    Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

    I think it may be Hugh Laurie from House M.D. See: :D brian.
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    Insomnia Leads to...

    From what I remember, Greg Rostami's Stuck came out way before Alex's DVD came out & a couple of people who reviewed the DVD were a little mad at the fact that his bonus effect was the same method as Greg's. brian.
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    t11 - Eleven Days of Magic Contest : GRAND PRIZE WINNER

    Congratulations. And you won't have to travel too far to get to Vegas either. Happy New Year, brian.
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    Saturday Night Contest / roundtable + Doug McKenzie

    1) What is your thought process like when you piece together different elements of magic to create an effect, or a sleight, etc? Do you piece things together immediately or does it take a lot of thinking and time? 2) When you heard you were going to be doing something on the show "Fringe"...
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    PK Sounds

    From what I remember, the guy from the X-Levitation was Alex Rose. brian.
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    Obvious THREAD question...

    The actual process of a thread being taken out of your eye looks the same in both methods, not executed the same, but looks the same. But only as long as you practice every little part that actually makes up the "whole picture" of the effect. I although prefer the geek method over the sleight...
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    Thread by Wayne Houchin

    He will announce the winner November 28th, next friday at 7 P.M PST according to his website. brian.
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    Revealing a Selected Card

    Well, what I'm actually looking for is just the names of different types of revelations. To add on to the end of effects. (Example: ACR. Selected card comes to the top, turn-over revelation) It's just an example though, ACR was just came to mind. Obviously turning it over is more suitable in...
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