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    Telephone Mentalist pieces

    I believe Patrick Redford has a book on the subject.
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    Where Are You Guys?

    Brooklyn, NY
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    Creating Magic

    You are correct, I never created something just for someone else to do it, I've created things I have used. Unfortunately I'm not a professional so my material hasn't seen too much action, I've done some open mic performances, some other things, but it's not my focus in life. I do feel I have...
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    Would you buy this on The Wire?

    As a stand alone change it probably wouldn't go for a high value, if you teach an effect you do with it, you could get more, if you have applications for it besides the change itself you can get more... It is nice... but price will determine how well it sells, that and how deceptive it is to the...
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    Draven Reflects upon the Wire.

    Perhaps the philosophical views on particular techniques such as misdirection should be accompanied by a performance using said techniques, then the theory11 team can determine weather or not said individual believes in what he preaches and weather or not it has value, or at least isn't purely...
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    Creating Magic

    I think everyone has ideas they want to share and I like the idea of getting paid for them, we've been paying to get other peoples ideas for years, it's kind of nice being able to get something back for our creative efforts. I can imagine there will be some unoriginal material posted, I'd be...
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    Uses for Pinochle Decks and Blank cards?

    If you really want to mess with someone you can take them into a store with you and have them pick a deck from a selection of them for you to do something with. If you get them to pick a pinochle deck, through equivoke or something of that nature, you will have a deck with impromptu duplicates.
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    Change for Feedback
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    Help with the tenkai palm ... ?

    Try squaring an outjogged indifferent card into the deck with the palming hand which will place the card over the top of the deck.
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    You can use Ernest Earick's Bow to Stern control.
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    Must Have Card Gimmicks

    I carry Branded around, I usually have a Parallel card from Ultra gaff, and I generally carry a Wild Card set with me to perform Tommy Wonder's routine.
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    Non-card trick

    I just picked up a Vernet Levitator, it's kind of a fun gimmick, works with other borrowed stuff like can's bottles, phones, cups, etc....
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    Among The Discard

    It's an effect by Simon Aaronson and can be found on his first DVD
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    Card Magician carry with them ?

    Any Deck, cash, branded gimmick, flashpaper, pen/sharpie doesn't really matter for the trick I do. If I've got red Bikes I'll also carry Daryl's Morphed Card and a wild card set for Tommy Wonder's Routine.
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    Need switch

    There is something you may find useful demonstrated on the gambling protection series by Steve Forte used to switch one poker hand for another using the cop.
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