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    Pro Carrier or Assassin's Pouch

    pro carrier, much more professional, much better looking, much cooler.
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    Do you use Erdnase Bottom Palm?

    which method? first or second? i've worked on the second purely for fun but i do not use the first. I use a one handed bottom palm instead.
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    Best ever

    to the best of my knowledge, dan and dave are not the same person, but with radioactive fallout and cloning these days, they could be. My vote, Rob Stiff and the DJ shuffle.
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    Where to go next?

    so you really don't want to watch criss angel other than to learn what NOT TO DO. he is not good and although he was got attention for magic, he is really bad. david blaine is good to learn from because he knows his performance style and teaches that whatever works for you is golden. sankey...
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    Search and Destroy Ft. Nowhere Pass

    first off, the trick is amazing, but i would disagree about the description in his book being confusing. aaron is an amazing performer. of for the quote above ^, i'd have to say that you are right in that it is that easy but you really should invest much more time in it than watch, practice...
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    Saturday Night Contest - {dg} We Need to Talk

    Can your material be done on a round table?
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    Cruise Ship Magician

    there is a book out by Paul Rohmany i believe (sorry if i misspelt the name) all about the cruise ship industry. i've heard great things, might want to check that out.
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    Magic at the Oscars

    last time saw tyler wilson he told me that Chad Kroger of Nickelback was an amateur magician he's pretty good according to a DJ from Calgary.
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    Asher Twist

    nice. one thing i never liked is the awkward squaring after every card. seems repetitive and annoying to me. but that was executed very well.
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    I got robbed...

    that sounds like it would be a pimpin episode of CSI. but really, if i were to rob a magician i'd probably rob aaron fisher or tyler wilson of their skill, i have cards. good luck dove panning this guys a**. pm me, i'd like to join in, but im a country away.
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    Is Magic Sexist?

    funny thing is that i have many friends that are women and do magic, probably better then you and most people on these forums. most of you are hobbyists, which is fine because you work on some difficult stuff, but i know women that work. I know women who perform better magic and get better...
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    Is Magic Sexist?

    i heard rumors that the 12th theory in magic is that women can't do it.... sorry
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    Funky pass

    very fast but VERY jerky. an amazing magi friend of mine said he would rather have a pass that flashed but was smooth than one that was invisible and jerky. looks good, hopefully for you its silent.
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    Totally Out of Control - Better left unreplicated?

    I USED to be a big advocate for books not being made into dvd's. now i could care less. When T11 released the DPS i was rather frustrated as i spent lots of time learning and working on finding the tips and hints of the move. now to me its another move kids buy, think is too hard or try to...
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    Box Monster Gimmick

    these guys can't work it properly. the gimmick takes time to work it out but it's not that bad. seriously buy the dvd support Kranzo and don't be a chump.
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