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    The latest from the greatest

    Awesome performance ! Wish I could do this one day...
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    A cool impromptu trick

    I'd recommend Con Cam Coincidencia by Paul Wilson. People are just amazed with this impromptu card trick. And it's easy to do.
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    Looking for a Specific Control

    I'm from a little town in Elsass :) I'm not an FFAP's member, I don't know any magic's club around my home...
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    Looking for a Specific Control

    This is 4for4 switch.
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    Looking for a Specific Control

    Thanks people ! The Bs control by Aaron Fisher seems weird... You couldn't do it surrounded isn't it ? I guess the multiple diagonal palm shift from Erdnase with a little adaptation will be perfect. I don't know what the Veeser's bluff shift looks like, but I'll try to find it.
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    Looking for a Specific Control

    Card Control by Arthur Buckley. You can find also find an alternative method by Buckley in this book. But with Vernon's Multiple Shift you need to cut the cards... Do I need to cut or shuffle cards with this move ?
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    Looking for a Specific Control

    For example: -4 aces are lost in the deck. And with no shuffle or any cut, I could give me an awesome hand's poker (With bottom deal). I really like to find a move completely clean and invisible, with no surplus. (Just like the orbit control) Cherry control looks fine for a top's control...
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    Looking for a Specific Control

    Hi everyone ! First of all, I'm new. So, I'm a French magician for 3 years now. I followed this forum without posting for a few month, but today, I need your help. So I hope you've an answer ;) I'm looking for a control, on the bottom (or on the top) of the deck, of a few cards (3-4) whom...
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    Saturday Night Contest - New Year's Resolutions

    Original idea, I like it ! Goal for this week: I just bought "The Mechanic's shift" by Joe Sevau and Richard Hucko, yesterday. So this Saturday Night Contest, is a good opportunity to work it all week long ! I must perform it next Saturday properly. Goal for this year: I think that I...
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