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Recent content by C J

  1. C J

    Building a crowd.

    Hi all I’ve recently started doing street shows and it’s been pretty successful however I always have a hard time building crowds. If anyone has any tips for doing so it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. C J

    Could you please name the sleights in this video?

    I can do the move I just forgot the name, I think he teaches it on the video where you make 2 cards jump out of the deck using a rubber band. It can be used to control cards to the top or bottom of the deck.
  3. C J

    Pick Pocketing

    I have been doing a trick for a year now where I do a coin trick while pickpocketing a spectators phone so that a moment later I can make it look like the coin transformed into the phone. I love this trick and it always gets awesome reactions. I want to incorporate it into my stage show however...
  4. C J

    Unpopular opinions

    The effect can be done beautifully by some however I just think its to dated for me and doesn’t have a place in my repertoire and performance style.
  5. C J

    Unpopular opinions

    I wanted to create this because I wanted to see some interesting unpopular opinions in the magic community. For instance I don’t like cups and balls and think that it should evolve or we should stop performing it. @RealityOne dont ban me plz I know you love cups and balls What are some...
  6. C J

    Funniest things you've heard from people who aren't familiar with cards?

    Once I was trying to verbally force the jack of spades. When I asked the spectator to name the card they said joker of knifes. Later I learned they ment jack of spades but it got a laugh out of the whole room
  7. C J


    I saw this on Adam Wilbers instagram. Its an amazing vanish of a phone where he just waves his hand up and down over it and it slowly vanished. I’ve seen this used with cards before and I was wondering the name of this vanish or where I could find it. Thanks CJ
  8. C J

    Christmas list

    I know there are a lot of younger magicians out there and there families that want to get magic tricks or books for the holidays, they may find it confusing to search for products. So I figured I’d make a top 10 list of my favorite effects. Feel free to leave your top ten list below. (Note this...
  9. C J

    Garrett Thomas

    I have seen him do what I believe to be a new idea that was not on the ring thing DVD. In this one he puts the ring on the spectators finger asked them to put there other hand over it and he then is able to take it off there finger with no funny movements. I'm pretty sure I know how it may be...
  10. C J

    Your Favorite Halloween Magic?

    I love doing Spidys mentalism routine. It's awesome and you can really get them to freak out.
  11. C J

    air moves

    Thank you
  12. C J

    air moves

    I am trying to learn aerial moves so far I have flicker, cyclone, olive, and the hot shot. Do you guys know any other ways to shoot cards or packets.
  13. C J

    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss

    Heads heads tails heads tails
  14. C J

    Peter Turner vol.1

    Well I can normally get a face card but they cycle between the king of spades and king of hearts as well as the queens. Oddly enough though most of the time guys think of red queens witch I read is oposite of what most men do. Anyway thanks for the advice I’ll work on my wording.
  15. C J

    Peter Turner vol.1

    So I recently picked up Peter Turners Vol.1 of 12 and I've run into a little issue. I've been trying to force the Jack of Spades all week and haven't hit once. I recognise its a little harder to force than the Seven of Hearts but after a week and about 30 different people I think I would at...
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