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    Pen trick name?

    I saw a trick that David Blaine did where he uses a pen, marks 3 X's on his hand, covers them and manages to move them to right next to each other. Anyone know the name of this trick?
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    Body language

    Hey i was looking to become more involved in how body language works, i know the basics but i want to know how to read advanced body language like eye movements. I always want to learn about lying and how to spot them. Now i know this isn't magic related but i know that most guys out there...
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    David Blaine... long time no see!

    There was always tricks i wanted to perform that DB performs, anyone know where i can learn the one where he draws 3 x's in a triangle on the guys hand and then moves them all together (part 1/4 of the special). Also the one where the bottle cap goes into the bottle and then the bottom of the...
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    Talking to Laymen

    Reading this has got me wanting to expand my magic and do other magic other than card magic. I'm in the process of learning coin magic but i also want to learn money magic and other types of magic such as levitation. Can anyone give me any good references to learn such effects?
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    What's ACAAN?
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    Cascade Control Review

    Now for me the cascade control is angle sensitive, no matter how smoothly i can do it, and believe me i have been trying for a while.
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    Yh i thought so, in one of the previous posts one guy said that he was behind it, just wanted to know if it was true.
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    Was he really behind the jewel heist?
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    Jerry's Nuggets?

    No but a friend of mine bought one from Lee Asher and we were both disappointed, he didn't even mind me dropping them!
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    You can't pick-up chicks with magic?

    Mystery is the man!!
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    Jerry's Nuggets?

    Yh they stick together great, but it's still not worth 100 dollars!
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    Jerry's Nuggets?

    They aren't smooth, they stick together well but they feel like plastic cards. I rather have a deck of tallys :)
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    Jerry's Nuggets?

    Jerrys are crap!
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    OPEN for voting: Live street magic batTLe

    I can't remember who did the bluff pass but it made me cringe, the card shouldn't be held in your palm like that!!
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    Venus Fly Trap

    Can someone provide a link, i went to the website but couldn't find it :S
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