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  1. CardGuy90

    Twitter Follow Me Thread Follow me! lol
  2. CardGuy90

    Greek Deal

    Pure awesomeness. Can i just add that its great JB was able to get Jason England for repetitive 1on1's for table workers. Jb, you rock lol.
  3. CardGuy90

    Saturday Night Contest - The Blaine Effect

  4. CardGuy90

    Saturday Night Contest - The Blaine Effect

    No shows this fine Saturday night so i sit stuck in a hotel room and figured... why not join in on a Saturday night competition... So here goes... Im not going to say that after watching David Blaine on T.V. I immediately bought cards, visited a magic shop, or any of the sort. I had seen magic...
  5. CardGuy90

    Lmfao, Nice picture on here

    Lmfao, Nice picture on here
  6. CardGuy90

    Hi stina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi stina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. CardGuy90

    David Blaine Poster

    I agree I think you could e-mail him lol. The posters pretty hard to find i admit though. Its one of the ones im missing from my collection, but i wont be buying this one.
  8. CardGuy90

    David Blaine Poster

    Signed Blaine Poster Found this and thought it would interest some of you...
  9. CardGuy90

    Modern Magic NYC

    If you guys are still unsure about coming tomorrow, check out the site and try to stop by if you can. Its for a great cause and its the last of these shows for awhile so its your last chance. We have an incredible night of music and magic for you all to enjoy including Michael Paul as our...
  10. CardGuy90

    Krystyn Lambert, growing magician

    Let me start this thread by saying that i have always loved Krystyns performances. I got the pleasure of seeing her perform her stuff a few years back when she won Best Teen Magician. Ive seen her stuff and let me just say that watching Masters of Illusion tonight, the performance for best teen...
  11. CardGuy90

    Modern Magic NYC

    Hey guys, Just wanted to update you all on Modern Magic Nyc this week. We have a fantastic show line-up this week and the proceeds are going to a charity for starving families. This week we have Michael Paul recent creator of Flicker headlining the show and will also have performances...
  12. CardGuy90

    Prove to me that you are a performer.

    Which venues do you perform in? - Lounges, Theaters, Restaurants...Currently produce and perform in my own weekly show... What are the demographics of the audience you tend to perform for? - 14 to about late 50s are best What makes you...
  13. CardGuy90

    Modern Magic NYC

    Hey guys! I know a lot of you are on the fence about attending Modern Magic Nyc tomorrow night (Friday). If you haven't seen any of the performers @ Modern Magic, this is not something you want to miss!! We would all sincerely love to see you in the audience. Try to make it and support the...
  14. CardGuy90

    Modern Magic NYC

    Opening Night went amazing and were back again March 6th with an INCREDIBLE line-up of magicians and an even bigger and better theater then before. You guys can find out more information about the show at... And again, we're good with discounts so if you...
  15. CardGuy90

    Made A Sub Trunk

    Very nice, may it bring you many awesome insane reactions
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