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    1. James Smith
      James Smith
      Sorry your thread about E got so off-topic man. My apologies.
    2. Reawaken Wonder
      Reawaken Wonder

      thanks for your comment, Im glad you enjoyed the video, post up some media, I'd like to see some of your stuff...

      All the best

      hey man, well there are allot of ways, everyone has there own style. For me i like having a set routine that i do, which consists of about six tricks. I like to keep things short, and not drag things on to long. Once you impress someone there is no need to keep pushing the issue. In the routine i do there is a definitive start, a climax, and an end. So thats what i would say the first step is..having a good routine.
      some other tips are to get some very nice cloths (not saying you don't...i just mean something professional looking that you can wear when you get booked), some good pictures, and a website. All those things help. But how do people here about you to hire you right? Its all about word of mouth. Be good at what you do and someone is bound to notice. Simply do magic for people and you will make connections ect, and if you have a website (maybe a demo vid) you can tell them about it, and hopefully you will get booked. Street performing is a great way to get started man, thats how i got started, people noticed, and things just work out from there. Something i did, is i would go to the other cities away from where i lived to practice on the streets, that way if i did a bad job, nobody in my home town would here about it. This allowed me to practice anything and if it did not work out o well. Then when i was good i started performing in my home town, where i am building my career and resume.
      Some good material to study are the David Stone the real secretes of magic vol. 1 and 2. In the dvd he talks alot about how to get work and what to do when you get it.

      let me know if that helped
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    Music and Magic are some of the most important things to me.

    Magic of course, Music, Baseball, Skating


    "A stranger with a deck of cards can only leave one of two memories with his victim:
    1- That was some good magic
    2- That guy was F&*^ing incredible"
    ~Daniel Madison
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