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    Hypnotic Pull?

    Same issue here. I won’t perform that part of the effect for that very reason. Check out Prison Deck by Joao Miranda.
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    What book to move onto next?

    Principia by Harapan Ong is very creative and refreshing book. Comes with a small pack of gaffed cards that are used in some of the tricks and a link to all the performances in the book. He’s a high school physics teacher and very good teacher in general. Amazing book.
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    Torn & Restored Card - Seamless

    Ugh, this was a rough one. I dont think it’s any cleaner than Reformation, Counterfit, or Torn and much harder. And all for what no creases? All the no folding does is say to magicians, see I’m not folding it so I’m not doing the move you think I’m doing. Put in the work and sure you’ll get it...
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    Where can I find this trick

    Could be wrong but I think I’m right. Check out Advocate by Daniel Madison. Think that’s what it is, (edited for exposure).
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    Bullet Catch V by Mikhail Shmidt

    Ok so I apologize if this isn’t in the right place as it isn’t a review or question, but I just had to share it with you guys. I preordered this immediately!
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    Trying to learn the Human Blockhead stunt

    Yes it can be dangerous. But not too dangerous once you understand the biology. Obviously the nail goes straight back and not up. The hardest thing is getting used to having something in your nose without your eyes watering up. Start with something small. I was told to try women’s bobby pins and...
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    Mind Reading Trick ... ?

    This effect is so deceivingly fair. Magi fooler for sure.
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    A few concerns about the classic pass again :-)

    If you have great audience management and crowd control you don’t need an invisible pass. Work on it for awhile for sure but how long is up to you. Some moves are easier for some people but harder for others. Even after 15+ years of doing the pass mine still isn’t invisible. I have really tiny...
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    Loops Advice

    Learning audience management is a big part of magic. And learning what tricks are right for what spectators. Try anything to keep their hands busy. Maybe frame it so there is a story behind it. Here’s a simple idea. Get a normal skeleton key and tie a black ribbon it. Say it came from a...
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    Deck switch

    I was thinking the same thing. You have time. And remember don’t run if you’re not being chased.
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    World's Biggest Diamond Heist - The Untold Story

    awesome story... That was an awesome article! Anyone want to go diggin around in the french alps? Haha!
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    Awesome Magician...

    I didn't think the performances were that good... Maybe I'm being a bit critical but he didn't seem relaxed at all. He was very rushed and didn't seem genuine. At times almost robotic. Like he had done the routine locked in his basement a million time but never for people. Ellen was very candid...
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    Smart Alicks

    I actually like heckelers...unless they're drunk... They're fun to mess with. First off they're almost always guys and usually not very quick witted. Here's how I fry 'em. "Hey Ike settle down!" (keep calling him Ike) Eventually he'll bite and say my name isn't Ike. "Well you seem like an Ike...
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    1-on-1's for Loops

    Thank god someone was paying attention... Thank you cm763 for actually answering the question. You guys aren't stupid. How you could miss the point like this is beyond me. This wasn't a why doesn't T11 carry loops or a poll on loops in general. The point was about close up magic other than...
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    You know nothing until you've read this!

    I read it the other night... I was up late two nights ago and couldn't sleep when I stumbled upon this. Needless to say I was up till 3:30 and well worth it. The title of this thread should be "after you read this you will realize how little you know" The most important thing it did was inspire...
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